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Dive right into our selection of handmade ceramics and pottery here at YŌNOBI's online shop. We have selected a variety of unique pottery made by ceramic artists from all over the world. Each piece reflects a story. The different pieces reflect the ideas, inspiration and beautiful techniques of our artists. 

YŌNOBI artwork reflects the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by the Japanese YōnoBi (用美), our ceramic studio and store are built on the philosophy of beauty in the practical use of everyday objects.

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Ceramic class

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Handmade by YONOBI classes

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pottery classes

Join our pottery classes, and get the change to learn how to make your own ceramics in some truly beautiful and unique settings - located in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Buying our unique pottery

YŌNOBI is a universe connecting independent ceramic artists with handmade pottery-lovers of this world - just like you. 

We believe that our beautiful collection should be available for every home. Shop your favorite handmade stoneware online by adding each item to your online shopping basket. If you are looking for a cute gift for a friend, we make sure to gift wrap your items with no extra charges.

Artist collaborations 

Artists are represented at Yōnobi from all around the world. When shopping around on our site, you will stumble on names such as Hasami PorcelainYuka Ando and Lily King

We also feature danish artists, currently Anna BystrupAnne Lind SorthAnnika SemlerTYBOC for CeramicEjnar Paulsen, Julie Damhus, Karin Blach Nielsen, Grit Jansen, Louise Egedal, Maja Sofie, Mette DuedahlSarah OakmanRobynn Storgaard & Trine Birgitte Bond.

Our artist shares the common philosophy of YŌNOBI as well as the ideas of Wabi-sabi. Beauty lies in the imperfections of the ceramic craftings used in everyday life. 

Japanese handmade ceramics

Are you looking for Japanese pottery in particular? Visit our collection of Japanese inspired ceramics, embodying the techniques and ideals of historic and contemporary Japanese ceramic craftsmen.

You can read our amazing Tokyo guide to ceramics in Japan on our magazine page.

Our Kintsugi Kit is the perfect way to prolong the life of broken ceramics. Repairing ceramics using the famous Japanese technique, you can add a golden seem to the broken porcelain making it sustainable in use and beautiful to behold. 

Join our Pottery Classes

Beyond our display of minimalistic ceramic artwork, we offer pottery classes for you.Are you ready to try on ceramic artmaking for yourself?

Book our courses in Copenhagen!