Christmas Shopping Guide: Best Ceramic Christmas Gifts [2019]

Author Simone Polk

I’m in love with this time of year and have been since I was a little girl.

It seems as though I’m one of the rare adults in this world, that has never lost the inner feeling of magic when all the lights are lit and golden stars are shining from the windows in my street.

However, my joy for Christmas seems to recede a bit as soon as my family’s wish lists hit my inbox where every item on the list looks more like a direct order than a heartfelt wish they would really cherish having.

Therefore, this year I will not obey their orders, but in stead I’m going to buy presents with my heart.

And as my heart has always had a soft spot for beautiful and unique ceramics, that is what I’m putting under the tree this Christmas eve.

Simone Polk living room

My home in December – Notice the beautiful mint green vase by Ryuji Iwasaki

But what makes for a good Christmas gift when you are shopping for friends?

As adults, we have a tendency to always wish for something practical and let’s face it, quite boring as kitchen appliances or warm woolen socks.

I really want to shake that habit up a bit and focus on a present that is as impractical as it gets and instead perhaps will bring aesthetic value and joy into the home it’s been given to.

So what is a good gift in general?

Buying a good gift is about tapping into a special feeling and really taking the time to think about who the receiver is as a person, what their home looks like and what is beautiful and meaningful to them.

If you succeed in that I guess there is a good chance your gift will mean a lot more and last for a lot longer than a pair of boring brown socks. 

Beautiful and handpicked ceramic gifts

With my love and passion for ceramics choosing out presents at YŌNOBI is pure pleasure and I enjoy looking at all the different shapes and glazes each artist provides in their collection.

Moreover, gift shopping feels much more significant, when you put in the effort of truly finding a unique piece for each of your loved ones. 

My mother

... is always a hard one to shop for and she basically has everything she needs.

Some years ago she inherited a beautiful set of plates and bowls by my grandmother, but through a lot of dinner parties, some of the pieces have been chipped and are no longer used.

Therefore, she was instantly in my thoughts, when I discovered the Kintsugi repair kit at YŌNOBI.

With glue in gold or silver, you can repair your broken tableware and keep all the memories they each stand for and write new ones with every repair pattern. 

Kintsugi kit for tea pot

Kintsugi repair broken plate

The Kintsugi Repair Kit is my gift to my mother

My husband

... never wishes for anything and is not the biggest fan of Christmas presents alltogether.

However, there is one thing I think both he and I will be so happy to have in our home.

A beautiful bowl where he can leave his wallet, car keys and glasses, so they are not simply thrown into every corner of the kitchen, where he never remembers to have put them.

Ryuji Iwasaki has been my favorite ceramic artist ever since YŌNOBI introduced his amazing pieces to Denmark.

Every piece is covered in the most spectacular glace, that makes your mouth water. So for my husband, this beautiful, simple white bowl is perfect – both within the function and it’s pretty aesthetics.

Ceramic bowl made in Japan

This beautiful large bowl is my present for my husband for all his stuff laying around.

My sweet older brother

... has two big loves in his live – books and coffee.

One is often joined by the other, so my present for him goes out to find the best coffee cup there is.

Moreover, to find a cup that meets his masculine taste and color scheme.

I think the “black and white splatter mug” by Anna Jones, will fit perfectly into my brothers home and be the best companion for a long night of reading and drinking coffee.

The mug is thrown in hand and glazed with a special splatter effect with inspiration to contemporary American enamel tableware.

Ceramic Cup by Anna Jones

The ”black & white splatter” cup for my big brother.

A favorite cup of my own is the one by Ghost – here in a thyme-color perfectly fitting my kitchen area.

Ghost cup on table

One of my best friends

... has had a really stressful time at work this last year and for her, I think an analog and creative gift will be just what she needs to get a peaceful couple of hours for herself every week.

Therefore, I can’t wait to surprise her with a ceramic course in the beautiful locations of YŌNOBI, where she can let her mind flow and let her fingers do all of the work.

A pottery class gift card for my friend

It may be a bit controversial, but I believe in spoiling myself too once in a while.

And sometimes it can feel really good to buy yourself a little something as a reminder of your value in this world.

As I work with interior design and styling my surroundings are very important to me and beautiful art pieces are often something that can define the corner of a room.

I already have one vase at home by Ryuji Iwasaki, and as it still fills me with butterflies, I know that having one more will upgrade my whole living room.

Simone sofa room

The mint green vase was my first piece by Ryuji Iwasaki, which emphasizes my love for the green color palette as small contrasts to my otherwise golden color scheme.

This one will be a gift from me to me.

Christmas gift vase


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