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Ceramic Travel Guide - Kyoto


Kyoto is a true heaven when it comes to ceramics hunting, filled with lots of small ceramics shops and workshop - it will be a wonder if you tumblers upon some beautiful ceramics. But still here are some tips. 

If you're not traveling but just want some ceramics made in Japan - go here to see our selection. 

Kyoto is mostly visited to see it's beautiful temples and shrines and they are worth visiting, not only for the sights but also for all the small ceramics shops around temple areas. The areas are quite a tourist magnet, but still there are some really lovely shops with beautiful and unique ceramics to be found. Remember to get your ceramics gift wrapped even if it's just for yourself - the shops do it so beautiful and it makes the whole experience so much more special. 

Spread over the city small pottery workshops can be found, here you can make your own pottery but also you can find a beautiful selection of the potters own creations. A long the 'Path of Philosophy' (The area of the Northern Higashiyama), I tumbled into the loveliest pottery workshop and his creations was just beautiful - defiantly worth a visit. 

If you need a bit time away from the turist I would recommend visiting the antique market held at the grounds at the Toji-temple. This market is truly wonderful, not only because of the surroundings, but also because the market is filled with Japanese ceramic artists selling their own work along with antique ceramics. It's truly ceramic heaven. The market is held the of each month.




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