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Ceramic Travel Guide - South of France

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The South of France

The south of France has so much more to offer than fine wine, mouthwatering food and sunny 'beachy' vibes. France is also one of my favorite lands in regards to ceramics hunting. France has a long tradition of craft - and in every small city, you can find independent artists presenting their unique and beautiful work. Want to buy some French ceramics? Take a look here

But where to start - here are some of my best tips!

My parents own a small townhouse near the city Narbonne and Montpellier - so this is often my base when I travel. Therefore my tips will mostly focus on these areas, but don't hesitate to go explore other areas - I can almost guarantee that France won't disappoint you. 

Where to stay?

For the true French experience find a small B&B in some of the small local towns, avoid the beach towns - the culture has left these areas for good. If you're not driving - rent a car is absolutely necessary, when you're traveling around France. 

After the mandatory start of every day in France (consisting of café creme, baguette with a mountain of cheese, and one (or two) croissants) you can start your hunt for ceramics.

My first tip is: Explore the local markets!

Every weekend from around April to September a number of ceramic markets are held all over France. At the markets, you can meet all the local ceramic artists and really explore and experience the variety of the ceramic art. It's truly wonderful and I found some of my most treasured ceramics at these markets. You can find a list of the different markets at this page:

Second tip: Explore the small cities - also the very small

If you haven't already bought your car - then go rent one and take a drive! Explore the small cities at your doorstep and I can almost guarantee that you will find some small local art boutiques.

I am especially fond of the small town 'La Grasse', that besides having some very nice ceramic and local art shops, have the most beautiful views and a very nice selection of local cafes.  

Third tip: Montpellier

Montpellier is a beautiful city with a wide range of artisan shops both ceramic, jewelry and much much more. One of my favorite shops is Matière d'Art, which have a wide range of different artist presenting their designs. For example, you can find the beautiful work of Brigitte Chapelier, whose things we often sell at Yonobi.

But I guess the most important tip is to enjoy the hunt for ceramics - remember to plan lots of coffee breaks and enjoy all the small cities you visit.

Well, that's all for me now.

Let the hunting begin!

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  • Dear Lady/Sir,
    I am looking for ceramics/potters in the South France region near Toulouse, Carcassonne, Limoux area. I will be there in August and I would like to visit.
    Thank you for information
    Kind regards, Dora

    Dora on
  • I love them! They are so colorful and playful.A such a beautiful place. Will be visiting September 2017. Cannot wait to smell the lemons see the flowers and shop shop shop till I drop.Thank you for your fantastic article
    I have been a ritual magician for over 30 years. I have gotten to the point where all I do is protective magic. Each piece is charged with magical protective powers.


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