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Vase-One of a kind Vase-Cica Gomez-It's yo no bi
Vase-One of a kind Vase-Cica Gomez-It's yo no bi
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One of a kind Vase

One of a kind vase by French artist Cica Gomez.

Cica Gomez is a ceramic artist from Lyon, France. Her work is initially driven by the search of the line. The one that takes shape when the object takes shape and places in space. The one that delimits a pictorial territory.

Each piece is the result of a research work, allowing Cica to create a range of colors, which she get in combinations and play with the diversity of metal oxides. 

The result is a unique mix of straight minimalistic shapes and interesting and highly detailed glazes. Every piece is one of a kind - and unique in its shape, color, and details.

Materials, enameled porcelain. 


h 15 x 11 cm