teapot-Ghost Teapot-Ghost Wares-It's yo no bi
teapot-Ghost Teapot-Ghost Wares-It's yo no bi

Ghost Teapot

920,00 kr

Beautifully handcrafted teapot by Australian Ghost Wares. The teapot is handmade in stoneware and comes in six beautiful colors. 

Ghost Wares is a Melbourne based ceramics studio with an emphasis on creating objects that are elegant but playful. All of our products are made by hand, allowing for an ever-evolving range of complementary pieces. They endeavor to create contemporary products that have an element of timeless restraint.


Approx. 12 x 17 x 12cm. Volume: approx. 700ml

Suitable for use in dishwashers and microwave ovens. Care should be taken when stacking and washing ceramics. Avoid thermal shock from rapid heating and cooling.