teapot-Teapot-Hasami Porcelain-YONOBI


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dripper-Coffee Dripper-Hasami Porcelain-YONOBI

Coffee Dripper

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Ghost Teapot

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teapot-Coffee Pot-Ejnar Paulsen-YONOBI

Coffee Pot

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Unique Teapot

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Viggo teapot

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Serve your afternoon tea in a danish teapot

It is no secret that tea should be served hot. Some even prefer their tea piping hot, and not just after the first cup. Our teapots and coffee drippers are designed by danish and international ceramic artists, using materials that will keep your drinks warm.

Some of our stoneware teapots are designed to hold small candlelight. This way, your tea can keep warm for an entire afternoon. 

Artist selection of danish coffee and teapots

YONOBI houses some of the world’s greatest ceramic artists, many sold exclusively in Europe at itsyonobi.com. For our selection of coffee- and teapots we sell danish artists such as TYBO or Ejnar Paulsen. If you are looking for our international selection, an internationally renowned artist as Japanese Hasami Porcelain is not to be missed. 



Ghost Wares

Australian Ghost Wares are just right for the playful spirit, who loves to break the norm and still like to keep things simple. The shapes of each teapot are handmade using stoneware. You can find the teapots in a different array of vibrant colors. This way, things will never get boring to look at. 

Hasami Porcelain

The key ingredient to a functioning household is ease, order and a little love. A tidy home makes your homey surroundings feel so much more comfortable and relaxed. With Hasami you do not need to worry about the mess. Every piece is made to fit, and bowls, cups, and plates are easily stacked. When the household is tidy, why not sit down and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of steaming tea?

Ejnar Paulsen

The hand thrown ceramic teapots by Ejnar Paulsen are minimalistic in style if you are looking for a Scandinavian teapot. Trained as a classical ceramics, Paulsen has more than 40 years of experience making ceramics at his studio on the Danish island of Bornholm. Among his collection of artwork, Paulsen uses mostly mono-colors of either white, black, grey and blue glaze.

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