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Koji Kitaoka

The elegant and refined ceramics by Koji Kitaoka are a characteristic example of the Japanese ceramics with its handmade minimalistic expression.

Koji Kitaoka is a potter living in Fukuoka, Japan. After studying in London and experimenting with lots of different jobs, Koji finally came back to the Saga region and started with pottery. From 2007, he studied at Arita College of Ceramics for two years. After graduation, he worked at a pottery studio in Toki, Gifu for a year. In 2010, he moved back to Fukuoka, his hometown, to work at his father’s studio and got established. The studio of Koji is located in a small forest, about 10 kilometers from the center of Fukuoka city.

The style is simple. classic and extremely beautiful. Yonobi is happy to be able to present a carefully selected range of his pieces. Each piece is one of a kind.