Our unique vase selection praises artists and ideas from all over the world - from Japan to Denmark. Each vase is 100 percent handmade by an array of Danish and international artists from countries such as France, the UK, and Japan.

Combining the simplicity of modern Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism, our vases lifts the atmosphere of every home.

Dive right into our beautiful selection of unique ceramic vases by renowned ceramic artists.

Annika Semler
The asymmetry of Semler vases enhances the sculptural look, creating a fun and different vibe compared to other YŌNOBI artists. Textures and colors are vibrant. This vase art is both complex and very simple piece. The organic form invited the eye to explore every twist, curve, and detail.

Léon Serre

Our most beloved raku ware specialist, french artist Leon Serre creates unique vase sculptures through original Japanese raku techniques. These primitive techniques of ceramic firing and oxidation have been perfected over time. You can enjoy the ever-changing colors and unique vase design of Serres copper surfaces. 

Yuka Ando
Born in Toyama, Japan, Ando’s art reflects the serene ocean and mountain view of the small city. The narrow mouth of every unique vase softly grows into a smooth curve, creating an even surface. The soft colors and curves of every piece of art are most intriguing for the beholder.


The ceramic vases of YŌNOBI hold a certain simplicity and love for nature. This shared feature makes our handmade vases both timeless and contemporary. Ranging from small vases to large ceramic vases, our vase selection celebrates everyday objects as individual pieces of art.

You can find unique vases for roses or other flowers. If you want to try something different our pitchers serves af flowers vases.

Due to the vases being constructed by hand, not one vase looks the same. It is though the individuality of each vase that the unique and beautiful aesthetics truly comes to life.

YŌNOBI’s vases are made in a variety of colors. Our browsing and filter selection tools make it easy to select blue vases from purple and black vases. Are you looking for the perfect open vase for a wedding flower arrangement or maybe just a single flower vase?

If you are interested in looking at our entire selection, you are always welcome to see the vases in our gallery store in the center of Copenhagen. We will help you with your needs!

Our unique vases can be found at any price category ranging well under 500 DKK and up. Are you looking for the perfect gift opportunity, then our vases are available in many beautiful styles, colors, and material designs.