Home decor with YONOBI ceramics vases

Styling any home can take a lot of effort when you want to get the styling just right. With our selection of vases, you can find the perfect vase for any occasion. Ranging from many types of decorative flower vases, our online selection is home to many styles and sizes. From small vases perfect for sweet garden flowers to tall vases just right for romantic long stem roses, a simple branch of cherry blossom or perhaps magnolia. If you are feeling bold, you might want to lift the artistic vibe of your home with a large floor vase - a masterpiece on its own. 

Artist selection of beautiful vases 

All the beautiful vases at YONOBI are unique to the artist, who made them. Our selection of both Danish and international artists consists of round glazed vases, tall flower vases, and sculptural vases. If you are looking for some of our more uniquely designed vases for your home decor, why not try the raku vases made using original Japanese techniques?

Trine Birgitte Bond

Danish ceramic artist Trine Birgitte Bond has some of the most interesting features. Inspired by the natural danish landscape at Stevns, the vases are shaped in organic formations with not one alike. Bond has used a great deal of time and effort studying natural materials, such as chalk, flint, fossils and cliffs transforming the clay into a mesmerizing artwork. 

Annika Semler

The handmade vases by danish artist Annika Semler challenge our perception of traditional ceramic style. Everything about Semler’s artwork is unique and organic - it even seems to come to life in your very living room. In her artwork, the very process of making ceramic vases becomes apparent within every shape, crack and layer. As one of the raku artists of YONOBI, Semler continues to develop new ideas and ways to combine shapes, glazes and clay materials.

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