At Yonobi, we invite you to partake in a more sustainable world, focusing on a conscious way of consuming by repurposing and recycling.

We are therefore thrilled to announce this new collaboration with Mana Aletheia. Mana is a kintsugi artist in training. Her teacher is a Japanese artist and Kintsugi teacher, who works with the authentic Kintsugi method, using the Maki-e (traditional Japanese lacquer art) technique. 


Kintsugi (Japanese: 金継ぎ) is a Japanese technique used for repairing broken pottery with gold or silver. Kintsugi translates to "golden repair," with the signs "kin" (金) meaning money or gold, and "tsugi" (継ぎ) meaning joining or connection. The art of Kintsugi is a manifestation of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which celebrates the flaws and imperfections of the world. 

At YONOBI we believe that the objects we surround ourselves with, are our companions in life - objects of intimacy and beauty. Therefore it has always been a deep wish for us to offer a service where you can give your precious objects new life. Through YONOBI Mana will offer authentic and original Kintsugi repairs of broken ceramics. The ceramics don't have to be bought at YONOBI, it can be all objects, precious heirlooms etc. 

How to order a repair:

A repair will usually take around 3-4 weeks time - depending on the complexity of the repair. A very complex repair can take several months. Each repair is unique, so to be able to give a price and specific time frame of your repair please contact us at - Subject field 'Kintsugi repair' . In the email please include 2-3 pictures of your piece and the part you wish to have repaired and measurements of the piece. 

To give you an idea of the cost of the repairs, we have divided the service into 4 different price categories, that fit the size of the repair. 

  1. Category: Small repairs, for example, chipped cups, chipped bowls, or chipped plates. Price around 500kr - 700kr.

  2. Category: Medium repairs, for example, broken pieces with more than one chip, or larger breaks. Price range 1000kr - 1500kr.

  3. Category: Large repairs, for example, broken pieces with larger breaks with multiple pieces. Price range 2000kr - 2500kr.

  4. Category: Extra-Large repairs, for example, large bowls, platters, sculptures, or a piece with many broken parts. Price range 3000kr - 4800kr.