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teastrain-Mr & Mrs Tea strainer-Sue Pryke-It's yo no bi
teastrain-Mr & Mrs Tea strainer-Sue Pryke-It's yo no bi
265,00 kr

Mr & Mrs Tea strainer

Beautiful teastrainer by Sue Pryke crafted in England, from her collection Mr & Mrs.

Individually slipcasted and pierced before the clay has fully dried, made from vitrified earthenware and polished to give a smooth pebbly finish. The clay's fired to a high temperature until it's vitrified and no longer porous giving it a stone like quality. 

Fits perfectly on top of the Sue Pryke Mr & Mrs tea mug, but would work well with  any teacup or mug. The perfect tea set.

Sue's collection of objects fits comfortably in the home, that aren't awkward, audacious or tricky to use or care for, but are familiar, have fluency and sit effortlessly.  Sue Pryke brings the comfort of familiar shapes together with a deep understanding of materials and colors - and it creates the most beautiful and soft collection.


W: 11 cm