Weekend class - Inlay clay

1.700 kr
  • Location YŌNOBI STUDIO, Ny Kongensgade 11
  • Class length 3,5h per class, 3h of glazing
  • Class frequency 3 days
  • Extra tea, coffee, 
  • Language Danish, English

If you’re dreaming about making colorful and beautiful patterns with ceramics - this is your class. This workshop explores the world of colors and decorations. In the workshop, your teacher Pi Bjørg Lind will demonstrate how she works with the concept of "inlay clay", where you lie shapes in other colors of clay into the already matured or rolled out clay. With this technique, one can apply a colorful decoration of the clay already during the construction phase, and in this way create more layers for the final decoration. The technique makes it possible to draw with clay and use the surface of the clay as a canvas. We take our starting point in the versatile stoneware clay, and together explore the different possibilities with the techniques of inlay clay. Your teacher Pi Bjørg Lind will show simple techniques for preparing bowls, cups, plates, etc. 

This class is for those of you who dream of working with clay, have previously tried working with clay  - or are beginner without knowledge. Everyone can participate, both practiced and untrained. Your teacher Pi Bjørg Lind will guide you along the way. 

There will be served tea and coffee during the class. 


Class 1: 24th - 25th of August + glazing 7th of September









24th of August 

10.00 13.30

Pi Bjørg Lind

Introduction to working with ‘inlay clay’, and making small test  - and starting on your own piece

All levels

25th of August 

10.00 13.30

Pi Bjørg Lind

Finishing your piece, working on details and making decorations.

All levels

7th of September

10.00 13.00

Pi Bjørg Lind


All levels

About Pi Bjørg

You may already know Pi Bjørg Lind from her role as a judge on the Danish television's version of Great Pottery Throw Down - ‘ KeramikKamp‘, that was sent on Tv2 spring 2019. But besides that Pi Bjørg is a talented artist, who creates unique ceramic pieces. 

Pi Bjørg Lind is a trained ceramic designer from the glass and ceramic school on Bornholm, and have through the last 13 years had her own ceramic business. Her unique design explores interesting new ways of working with clay, and Pi is especially concerned with aesthetics and gets her inspiration from Japanese Kawaii culture and Scandinavian simplicity.

In the classes of Pi Bjørg Lind, you will be able to explore specific and interesting techniques and learn about creating unique designs and ceramic creations. 

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