Flowerpots-Flowerpot - ' Hockney  '-grouppartner-It's yo no bi
Flowerpots-Flowerpot - ' Hockney  '-grouppartner-It's yo no bi
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Flowerpot - ' Hockney '

The ' Hockney' flowerpots are cast in a light tan clay then painted by hand. 

GROUPPARTNER is a Brooklyn based ceramic studio created in 2012 by Isaac Nichols.  Isaac's work deals with positive body image, sexuality and a love for plants.  

Isaac is a self-taught potter, and the project had humble beginnings, with Nichols initially making pots as a rebuttal to his formal fine arts training. Now, with the help of a dedicated team — Levi Woods, Jack Planter, and Steph Smith — he’s at the helm of a bonafide business.  

Each pot is unique and may have small traces from the hands which made it.


H 11-13 x 11-12 cm