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mug-Koi Mug-Anna Jones-It's yo no bi
mug-Koi Mug-Anna Jones-It's yo no bi
mug-Koi Mug-Anna Jones-It's yo no bi
375,00 kr

Koi Mug

Beautiful speckled mugs by English artist Anna Jones. The glaze of this mug is inspired by the colors of the Japanese Koi fish. 

Anna makes one-off functional ceramic pieces in stoneware, using hand building and press molding techniques.

The glazes are applied by various methods, often by flicking glaze from a small brush to achieve a splattered effect.

The work is inspired by the simplicity of form from ceramic cups and bowls of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-907) and marbled surface decoration from contemporary American enamel tableware.

Anna Jones has updated her mug, the new mug is larger and thinner in the edges. Which creates a more light and sharp design. A true pleasure to hold.

Please note: 

The mugs shown here are representative of the style, due to the making process each piece is individual and has its own unique markings and color. A mug will be selected from the range and sent out to you.

Material: Porcelain  
Measurements: 90mm diameter x 80mm height (excluding handle)
Volume: 350ml