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tray-Hasami Porcelain Oak Tray-Hasami Porcelain-It's yo no bi
tray-Hasami Porcelain Oak Tray-Hasami Porcelain-It's yo no bi
175,00 kr

Wood Tray - round

Wooden trays by Hasami Porcelain. 

The Hasami Porcelain is characterized by simple, clean lines and an aesthetic that is both highly modern and deeply grounded in the Japanese pottery tradition. The products are created on a fixed module, meaning that diameters are shared across the line. This makes them easy to stack and transport, which not only makes the products highly functional but also makes them aesthetically pleasing.

These wooden trays are part of the porcelain tableware designed for serving and eating, these trays can become coasters and lids when used with its corresponding bowls or mugs.


- Extra Small (for mugs, cups, sugar bowls, milk pitchers) W8,5 x H 2,1 cm

- Small: W14,5 x H 2,1 cm

- Medium: W18,5 x H 2,1 cm

- Large: W22 x H 2,1 cm

- Extra Large: W25 x H 2,1 cm (fits the extra-large bowl)


Due to the material, we recommend only hand wash and drying immediately when wet.