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vase-Potatoid-Agustina Garrigou-It's yo no bi
vase-Potatoid-Agustina Garrigou-It's yo no bi
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POTATOIDS is a one of a kind series of natural expressive forms. Stoneware fired and sheep wool from the Argentinean Patagonia.  

Behind the art pieces is Agustina Garrigou, who is the designer and the ceramist. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised by a family in love with nature and a particular sense of humor. She studied industrial design and then moved to Barcelona, Spain to study a Master in Furniture Design.

Each piece starts being thrown on the potter´s wheel, using mainly stoneware clay. Then the shape is transformed by hand-building. The glazing technique is quite experimental, adding glaze and then a layer of porcelain, making cracks, bubbles, and many different textures. The piece is finished by tying natural wool to its "handles" as ornaments like "explosive points".

Why is called Potatoid?

"I call like this, an undefined shape. It´s a bit childish, and that´s always my aim. I want to experiment and play with them. In fact, what I do is kind of a semi-controlled playground where clays and glazes experiment giving unexpected results. Through experience, I can "control" a bit the outcome, but each piece will turn out different. 

Is the way I understand and love ceramics, you can´t control it totally, so better accept it. Instead of pushing something to be in a certain way, I make it and then let it be what it wants to be. 

I wish we as humans could also be this way, more potatoid-like, defined or undefined but free to become whatever we want to be."

Materials: High fired stoneware, glaze and merino wool.

Measurements: w 9 x 15 cm