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Vase-Raku Vase - Small-BoTyrrestrup Design-It's yo no bi
660,00 kr

Raku Vase - Small

Beautiful small unique raku vase handmade by Danish group Bo/Tyrrestrup Design.

BO / TYRRESTRUP DESIGN was founded in 2015 by Stinne Bo and her husband Nis Tyrrestrup, in close collaboration with Stinna's father Hans Bo, who is an experienced ceramist. The ceramics are a product of design and cooperation across generations and producing everything locally in Djursland and Copenhagen.

BO / TYRRESTRUP DESIGN is handmade ceramics focusing on shape and line, simplicity and nature. Colors and glaze are carefully selected and blended in hand, creating a coherent identity for each design. 


ø 10 x h 8,5 cm