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teapot-Terracotta Teapot-Sue Pryke-It's yo no bi
teapot-Terracotta Teapot-Sue Pryke-It's yo no bi
895,00 kr

Terracotta Teapot

Beautiful teapot by English artist Sue Pryke. The Teapot holds 1 litre/2 pints or 4 generous mugs, so plenty of tea to go round!

Individually made Teapot, made from slip cast English Terracotta with a white tin glaze inside.  The teapot handle is made from steam bent oak, and the lid has a turned oak knob. Each piece is handmade in England.

As each piece is individually made there will be slight changes in each piece which is indicative of the material and the handmade processes.  

Material: Red Earthenware 


W 8.5 x H 7.5 cm

**Picture by Sue Pryke.