High footed bowl Bowls Enrico Donadello

Enrico Donadello

High footed bowl

Bowl - ekstra small white Bowl Pauline Boisaubert

Pauline Boisaubert

Bowl - ekstra small white

VIGGO Bowl - no. 3 bowl Tybo


VIGGO Bowl - no. 3

VIGGO Bowl - no. 2 bowl Tybo


VIGGO Bowl - no. 2

VIGGO Bowl - no. 1 bowl Tybo


VIGGO Bowl - no. 1

Bowl - medium bowl Ejnar Paulsen Black

Ejnar Paulsen

Bowl - medium

Stoneware Bowl - large Bowl Viki Weiland

Viki Weiland

Stoneware Bowl - large

Stoneware Bowl - medium Bowl Viki Weiland Light

Viki Weiland

Stoneware Bowl - medium

Stoneware Bowl Bowl Viki Weiland Dark

Viki Weiland

Stoneware Bowl

High Round Bowl - Medium bowl Hasami Porcelain Grey

Hasami Porcelain

High Round Bowl - Medium

Mini Bowl Bowl Cica Gomez Glossy Black Blue

Cica Gomez

Mini Bowl

AIO Salad Bowl Bowl Tybo Eggshell White


AIO Salad Bowl

Sugar Bowl bowl Feldspar
On sale


Sugar Bowl

€43,95 €55,95
Cylinder Bowl - large bowl Hasami Porcelain Grey

Hasami Porcelain

Cylinder Bowl - large

Cylinder Bowl - Medium bowl Hasami Porcelain Grey

Hasami Porcelain

Cylinder Bowl - Medium

Round bowl - Large bowl Hasami Porcelain Natural

Hasami Porcelain

Round bowl - Large

Round Bowl - medium bowl Hasami Porcelain Clear

Hasami Porcelain

Round Bowl - medium

Round Bowl - Small bowl Hasami Porcelain Black

Hasami Porcelain

Round Bowl - Small

Cylinder Bowl - small bowl Hasami Porcelain Black

Hasami Porcelain

Cylinder Bowl - small

Cylinder bowl - extra large Bowl Hasami Porcelain Black

Hasami Porcelain

Cylinder bowl - extra large



Explore our selection of ceramic bowls for decorative and functional purposes. The beautiful colors and structures of each piece make them perfect for interior decor.

Each bowl is handcrafted making them one of a kind in shape, form, and color. Where some decorative bowls have visible differences in their structure - are some fitted perfect for stabling, such as our Hasami Porcelain selection.

The YŌNOBI artist collections are sold as individual and unique bowls. Though there are many benefits by owning a collection of bowls in different sizes. Our broad collection of bowls are available in a variety of colors, materials, and shapes. Buy or hadmande pottery serving bowls for your coffee table or unique bowls for pasta and food servings.

The classic perception of round bowls is challenges with a range of cylinder shaped and round ceramic bowls.

The design of each handmade ceramic bowl is a result of artistic ingenuity and technical expertise. You will never be bored looking at the beautiful exterior of these unique bowls. Buy ceramics handmade by professional ceramic artist in our webshop - we ship worldwide.

Looking to make your own potter? Join our pottery classes and learn how to make a ceramic bowl or bring your ceramics design ideas through clay molding.


Most bowls are designed to be heat resistant and can be washed by dishwasher. Some are also safe for microwave use. We do recommend you to read the instructions thoroughly to make sure not damaging the handmade bowls. If the stoneware or ceramic bowl becomes to hot in the microwave, it could potentially create cracks in the clay.

Cleaning deeper stains can be difficult. You do not want to damage your beautiful ceramics. A great way to get rid of stains on your decorative kitchen bowls is softly cleaning them using baking soda. Adding a small amount of water or white vinegar to your baking soda, you softly rub the paste onto the stain and rinse the plate with water. Bye, bye stains!


The artists at YŌNOBI all contribute to a simplistic and beautiful lifestyle. Using ceramic techniques our artists have practiced into perfection the final result of each item is most compelling. Some artists enjoy refining the round shapes into a perfect ellipsis.

YŌNOBI assembles artists reaching as far as Japan, across Europe, to the United States. Our handmade ceramic bowls are made by artists from different cultures. They express each of their unique take on the craftsmanship of ceramics.

The result is nothing less than breathtaking. A silent storm is reflected within every piece - from the smallest bowl to the largest masterpiece. All our artists stay true to the very essence of Yonobi. That beauty is found in the practice of everyday life.

All handmade serving bowls are for sale online or in our store in Copenhagen.

Find more inspiration for pottery bowls in our ceramic travel guide to Los Angeles and Tokyo.


This selection of artists has mastered the techniques of sculpting clay into beautiful bowls by hand. No need to worry about someone hogging your special style. Because with our artists’ collection there can be only one unique bowl.

Linda Ouhbi

Designing some of the larger pieces of our ceramic bowl collection, Ouhbi creates some of our most artistic bowls. Her specialized working process using hand-building and coil techniques results in the most vivid blue colors, you will want to dive right into. The blue ceramic bowl can be used as a serving bowl for fruits, and the smal ceramic bowls for nuts. 


Former known by the name Bo / Tyrrestrup Design this Danish artist combines a smooth surface with a stony exterior in his collection of small stoneware bowls. TYBOs designs are inspired by the nature surrounding the artist’s home in Djursland, Denmark.