Siri cup - light blue cup Anna Grahn

Anna Grahn

Siri cup - light blue

275 kr
Siri cup - Wine red cup Anna Grahn

Anna Grahn

Siri cup - Wine red

275 kr
Blue Splatter Espresso mug cup Anna Jones

Anna Jones

Blue Splatter Espresso mug

275 kr
Koi Mug - Espresso cup Anna Jones

Anna Jones

Koi Mug - Espresso

275 kr
Tassa - mug mug Estudio Vernís

Estudio Vernís

Tassa - mug

350 kr
HANS TEACUP cup Tybo Ash Grey



285 kr
Siri cup - original

Anna Grahn

Siri cup - original

275 kr
Alma coupe

Anna Grahn

Alma coupe

350 kr
Stoneware mug cup Viki Weiland Dark

Viki Weiland

Stoneware mug

310 kr
Mug cup Laetitia Di Gioia Blue

Laetitia Di Gioia


290 kr
AIO Americano Cup Cup Tybo Light Yellow


AIO Americano Cup

239 kr
Viggo Mug cup Tybo Ash Grey


Viggo Mug

285 kr
Black and white splatter mug cup Anna Jones
Sold out
Stoneware Mug cup Ejnar Paulsen

Ejnar Paulsen

Stoneware Mug

240 kr
Cup - large cup Hasami Porcelain Grey

Hasami Porcelain

Cup - large

251 kr
Mug - 'Tasse' cup Cica Gomez Glossy Black Blue

Cica Gomez

Mug - 'Tasse'

420 kr
Mazagran Cup cup Cica Gomez Yellow diffusion

Cica Gomez

Mazagran Cup

475 kr
Cup - small Cup Hasami Porcelain grey

Hasami Porcelain

Cup - small

130 kr
Mug - large cup Hasami Porcelain Grey

Hasami Porcelain

Mug - large

300 kr
Cup - Medium Cup Hasami Porcelain Black

Hasami Porcelain

Cup - Medium

185 kr
Mug - small cup Hasami Porcelain Natural

Hasami Porcelain

Mug - small

From 205 kr
Mug - medium cup Hasami Porcelain Black

Hasami Porcelain

Mug - medium

From 223 kr


Whether you are in the mood for a quick espresso or chilling on a Sunday morning with a large tea mug, we have you covered. Call us old fashioned, but there is nothing quite like drinking hot beverages from a ceramic mug.

YŌNOBI’s collection of Japanese handmade ceramic mugs serves every purpose for the enthusiastic coffee drinker. Our broad selection of coffee cups and tea mugs can be found in a variety of colors, stoneware materials, and patterns.

Match your handmade ceramic mugs and teapots in your own stoneware collection. Explore our collection of unique shaped ceramic mugs and coffee cups for sale online and in our store in Copenhagen. We ship alle our handmade ceramic mugs international when you order online.

The ceramics craft is sturdy and heat resistant, making it perfect for cleaning by dishwasher or heating in a microwave. Please take notice of the instructions of use for each ceramic product, not to risk wrongful use.

The elegant and playful looks of each cup make it fun to collect the mugs. While some mugs highlight structures notably others are created with a smooth surface using a matte finish to round it off.

You will mostly find our handmade mugs in a dusted range of colors. But some of our featured artists also love to spruce up the look of each cup with fun details like a bright colored handle or a wooden lid to keep warm.


Made by hand, the particularity of each mug stands out. Reflecting the YŌNOBI’s philosophy of beauty thought everyday use, each cup is made for homeware use.

Scrolling through our collection of handmade ceramic mugs, you will undoubtedly notice the unique designs of each set of cups. Where some have huge handles, others have ‘shed’ their handles for a symmetric look.

The difference in style is reflected in the techniques used by each artist. Some artists work with mold-pressing the clay leaving a ‘crackled’ look’. Others use more primitive and specialized burning techniques, changing the colors of the clay by oxidizing the surface with copper.

Some of our handmade ceramic mugs are hand-thrown on the potters’ wheel. They are unique in color, shade, and touch.

Want to try ceramic crafting? We host pottery classes regularly. 
Sign up for a class and start making your own pottery.


Anna Jones

The softly rounded shape of the Syros mug handmade by English artist Anna Jones is contrasted by a bright touch of color, making this ceramic piece anything but dull.

C for Ceramic

Using a particular molding technique to shape these mugs, the structure of each mug appears stylistically unpolished. The color-glazed insides of the mugs by C for Ceramic create a fun twist to the rough exterior.

Can you heat handmade ceramic mugs?

Many of our ceramic mugs are made for every day use. Our Hasami collection is 100 % dishwasher safe and can also be heated in the microwave.

You should read the instructions for each piece of handmade pottery, to be sure what you can and cannot heat in the mircowave.