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So what is Yonobi? 

“Yōnobi” is an expression from the Japanese folk craft tradition and means - finding beauty in the usage of daily things.

Yonobi's mission is to become a global marketplace for ceramic art. I connect talented independent artists with ceramic lovers who value craft, quality, and originality. 

Yonobi believes in helping artists make a living so they can continue to inspire the world with their art. I work with my community of artists to provide them support, advice, and a global platform, as well as offering pricing that is fair for them and the buyer.

Behind everything, is me - Nanna. I've always been a fan of the ceramic art because I love the way that it combines beauty with everyday use. I always fall deeply in love with the small details in the clay and glaze, because for me it's what makes every single piece unique and personal.


Every single piece in the shop is handpicked by me, why Yonobi primarily sells one of a kind pieces. I travel the world and meets different artists and hear their stories and inspiration behind their work, and every artist has a different one. When you buy from independent artists you own something truly unique, of unquestionable quality, and which connects you directly with the maker forever. 

I hope you will find the same joy and excitement for the pieces you'll buy here at Yonobi, as I had in finding them around the world.

All the best


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