1. Winter and Spring Pottery classes

Day Wheel Throwing Class
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Meet the teachers


Maja Sofie

Maja Sofie is educated from the arts and craft school Capellagården in Sweden. After a year as an apprentice in Denmark, she started her own business and have worked as a full-time potter the past three years. Maja Sofie focuses on form and material, the clay itself and it’s possibilities. She mainly works with tableware made on the wheel. “I appreciate details and quality in defining a shape, and that is also what I am trying to make my students think about in their work.” When teaching pottery classes she focuses on giving her students an introduction in how to work with - and understand clay, and how to give shape and character to it.


Elisabeth Bondo Martin

Elisabeth graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design, and Conservation.


Emilie Bobek

Educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland and now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her practise focuses on function and material. The works explore the relations between products and our societies. Questioning how we navigate within systems and how we determine the way in which we interact with everyday objects. She works as an artist and teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Christian Rask

Bachelor student at KADK and designer with great curiosity for the material. Christian has been in internships with, among others, Lars Rank and K. H. Würtz.


Mia Maya Christophersen

Mia Maya graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of fine arts, school of design as a ceramic designer and trained as a porcelain painter in Royal Copenhagen. She is the owner of Mia Maya Design, where she develops and produces artisanal ceramic design products for both the commercial and domestic markets. At her workshop in Copenhagen, all the products are produced by hand, using techniques such as slip-cast, hand throwing, and brush painting. Through experiments with materials and techniques, she develops forms, glazes, and decorations which are based on a simple and functional idiom. “When I teach, I love passing on the techniques I have learned over time. I find it very interesting to see what kind of results can spring out of an otherwise traditional technique when applying a creative and innovative approach. Also, I find it inspiring to follow the journey that my students go through when learning about ceramics, whether they are complete beginners or working at a more advanced level”.


Katrine Ejby Bidstrup

Katrine is an autodidact sculptor who gained her knowledge through many years of experimenting with clay. Her works are inspired by the human figure and combine surrealism and realism. Her sculptures remind us of the beautiful aspects of life. Katrine studies Business administration and psychology. When teaching she focuses on individual learning and creative thinking.


Ida Odgaard

Ida Odgaard is a trained a ceramist from the Danish Design Academy. In my ceramic work, I like to focus on shaping and working with form. I am specially interested in the intersection between aesthetics and function. In my craft, I try to create useful and beautiful things, that can elevate situations in the everyday life. I mostly throw pots, because I love throwing and because each pot gets a unique handprint through the craft.


Maj Kjærsig

Maj Kjærsig is a visual artist educated from The Funen Art Academy in 2011-2016 with one year internship in Berlin 2015. She specializes in Installational Ceramics, - Sound Art and Performance. A main part of her practise is experimenting with the different states that the clay goes through in the process of becoming a finished object and pushing clay to its limits. In 2018 she began to teach ceramics and manages both wheel throwing, modelling and slab technic. When teaching she focuses on giving her students an introduction in how to work with - and understand clay, and how to give shape and character to it.