pitcher-Milk Pitcher-Hasami Porcelain-YONOBI

Hasami Porcelain

Milk Pitcher

From 205 kr
pitcher-Ghost Milk Jug-Ghost Wares-YONOBI

Ghost Wares

Ghost Milk Jug

230 kr
pitcher-Bottle-Hasami Porcelain-YONOBI

Hasami Porcelain


From 400 kr
pitcher-Viggo pitcher-Tybo-YONOBI


Viggo pitcher

575 kr
pitcher-Pitcher-Laetitia Di Gioia-YONOBI

Laetitia Di Gioia


900 kr
pitcher-VIGGO milk pitcher-Tybo-YONOBI
Temporarily sold out


VIGGO milk pitcher

225 kr
jug-Milk Jug-Feldspar-YONOBI


Milk Jug

285 kr
jug-Water Jug-Feldspar-YONOBI


Water Jug

1.220 kr
jug-Measuring Jug-Feldspar-YONOBI


Measuring Jug

525 kr

Pitchers for milk, wine and flowers

What is better than to taste a well-brewed coffee? Well, looking at beautifully served one has a lot to say about the enjoyment of that coffee. The pointed snout of YONOBI’s milk pitchers makes it easy for you to throw yourself headfirst into the art of latte-making. This way, you can impress your guests with a personal milky signature to blow their feet away. 

The larger pitchers are just right for a lunch table setting keeping your prefered drinks at just the right temperature. Whether you are serving fresh milk, water or juice, the larger jugs are just right for a nice meal with your family or friends. The pitchers can also be used for beautiful flower arrangements and are lovely to behold in their design.

How long can milk last in an open pitcher?

When opened, all kinds of milk will last between 5-7 days in the refrigerator. Depending on the room temperature, the milk can sit out for up to 2 hours. After the carton of milk is opened, it is exposed to air, reducing the time before it goes bad. Unopened a carton of whole milk can last between 7-10 days.


Artists selection of pitchers and milk jugs

Within our collection of pitchers and milk jugs, you will also find a broad selection of artists from all over the world. 

Hasami Porcelain

The clean lines of Hasami are a fit for every home. Made using traditional Japanese pottery techniques, these pitchers are a perfect match with the cups and bowls by Hasami. Easy to stack, the ceramic pieces are a must-have for a tidy and simple home decor. The matte finish of each piece gets softer over time with use. All Hasami pottery can be combined with the small wooden trays for when you want to serve you coffee with something sweeter.

Laetitia Di Gioia

The geometric shapes define these small milk pitchers by French artist Laetitia De Gioia. The jugs can be used for serving beverages or as a vase for a bouquet of your favorite flowers. The matte glaze of the exterior and glossy glaze of the inside makes these pitchers very easy to use every day. Each piece is hand thrown and therefore one of a kind. 


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