Lily King

Yonobi is so glad and honored to introduce L.A. artist Lily King to the Yonobi family. 

Lily King is a very talented woman. A photographer by trade, but she decided to turn to a smaller talent that she’s quite literally inherited from her mother: Pottery. And we so glad she did. Lily is inspired by the idea of Japanese style 'wabi-sabi' and love the look and the feel of vintage pottery, which is emanated so nicely in her pottery. Each of her pieces is intimate and special with their own imperfections and inconsistencies that make for their being especially unique.

Her ceramics are based on three primary glazes. She has been exclusively working with these glazes and developing both a glazing and firing technique unique to their properties for the past 3 years. Her work shows her search for new and exciting combinations within these glazes. Her (and ours too) personal favorites for the moment is; Pecky Green and Burnt Turquoise.