Our Unique Dinner Plates and Platters are made by a variety of artists from all over the globe giving the ceramics their own unusual and unique qualities. The ceramic plates are all handcrafted, which gives them their unique aesthetic qualities. This way the design of our plates are different for every ceramic set, resulting in these artistic dinner plates.

Our selection of plates and platters can be bought separately and collected as set for dinnerware, brunch and evening servings.


These colorful and artistic dinner plates are mostly ceramic products and stoneware. Some products incorporate other materials such as elements of glass.

The sturdy design of these modern dishes makes them some of the best and most durable tableware. They can withstand heat and some plates also the use of a dishwasher.

In our selection of unique shaped dinnerware, you will find both danish and international based artists. These stylish dinner plates are made from a variety of ceramic materials. This way you can mix and match the fun and stylish plates in the design you love. 


Megumi Tsukazaki 
A simple white base is the shared foundation of Tsukazaki’s work. But in this simplicity, she manages to allure our attention to the smaller details in her crackled plate style. Her ‘Tsukishigure’ platters (translated from Japanese it means ‘moon hour’ 月 時雨) in small, medium and large, combines white clay with melted glass creating a most distinctive and timeless design perfect for large and small servings.

Grit Jansen 
The Danish artist behind the ceramic brand ‘Landskabt’ finds her inspiration in Danish nature. As the name implies, ‘Landskabt’ can be translated into ‘created by land’. Therefore you will get the sense that the art of Grit Jansen in not only molded by natural materials. In her ceramic artwork such as our ‘Vandkant’ colorful dinner plates, nature is incorporated into the very expression of her work.

Ejnar Paulsen 
Another Danish artist from the small island of Bornholm, this artist is known for his 40 years of expertise in the field of ceramic art. The simple and classic style of his plates and platters make them no less unique. On the contrary, Paulsen manages to grasp the very essence of Scandinavian minimalism with a simple palette of colors in grey, black and white dinner plates.

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