Our pottery studio is finally open again! And we can't wait to welcome you all again.

We are continuously updated on the regulations and recommendations from the Health Department. And we do our very best to make our studio as clean and safe as possible.

There is a maximum of 8 participants and 1 instructor in our classes. We kindly ask everyone to wash hands first thing when you arrive at the studio. We have soap at all the sinks and sanitizers situated around in the studio.
All of our instructors wear visors or masks. We ask you to bring your own mask/visor and to wear it when you are walking around in the studio. You can take off your mask when you sit at the wheel. If you do not have a mask, it is possible to purchase one at the studio. From May 2021 you need a corona-pas to participate in your pottery class. If you don't have a corona-pas, there is a quick-test facility at the Vor Frue church, approx. 10 minutes away from the studio. 

You have your own wheel and your own tools during the class. These will be washed with soap by the instructor between every class. We provide clean aprons for everyone.There is a minimum of 1 meter between the potters wheels. and your work spaces in general.

We do our very best to make your class in our studio as fun and smooth as possible, while still taking the necessary precautions regarding covid-19.
If you have any questions regarding our covid-19 precautions or classes in the studio, please feel free to contact us at

  • Our classes are small, maximum of 8 people on each class.
  • All participants will have their own wheel and own tools.
  • We have created even more space around each working space by opening up for our new wheel room, with 8 brand new wheels and lots of light and air.
  • All tools are getting disinfected after each class, all aprons and surfaces are clean after each class.
  • There are sanitiser and gloves available at the entrance and near every zink.
  • The studio space will be ventilated both during, before and after the classes, and if the weather is warm all doors will be open during classes.
  • From May 2021 you need a corona-pas to participate in your pottery class. 

All of this we will continue to do, so all our students can feel safe and just enjoy their class 🤍 

If your class is cancelled, you will be offered a voucher for our webshop. This voucher can be used to book a new class. We do not offer a refund.
If you are prohibited from participating in a class due to corona, we will not refund the classes you will miss, but will do our best to find a solution for you. In this case, contact our studio manager at

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us at, regarding classes please contact

Stay safe!
The Yonobi Team